Our Mission

Mission Statement

Your Care Clinics mission is to provide a safe, and caring professional environment in which patient concerns are actively listened to. Our patients are offered the highest quality of comprehensive, consistent, and appropriate medical advice and encouragement to make healthy lifestyle choices. We are committed to offering highly competent and compassionate care that enhances the quality of life and the longevity of good health to those within the communities we serve. We remain faithful to our responsibility to make Your Care Clinics a premiere primary care clinic by providing patient centered care through education, advocacy, respect, and dedication.

Vision Statement

Your Care Clinics will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining health care delivery and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, compassionate, and innovative care to the patients we serve in each community. We remain diligent in our efforts to expand our clinics services so that more communities have access to quality medical care.


Integrity- We are guided by integrity and honesty and thus we perform at the highest level of ethical standards at all times. We speak positively and supportively to our patients, their families, and our co-workers.

Quality- We commit to regular self evaluation of our practice and continuous quality improvement to assure patient safety and the best possible clinical outcomes. We pride ourselves in combining the most advanced medical care with a personalized human touch.

Respect- We respect diversity and individuality and hold each patients unique circumstances at the forefront of clinical care decisions.

Education- We are passionate about providing the most appropriate and up to date evidenced based health education and training to all of our physicians and staff to ensure the best clinical outcomes for all the patients we serve. We believe in providing health information and education to our patients to help them set and accomplish self- management goals through healthy lifestyle choices.

Professionalism- We work with only the most qualified clinicians that are 100% vested in providing our patients with top quality health care. Our staff is committed to professionalism to ensure that our patients feel cared for in all areas of our practice.

Dignity- We are committed to providing quality medical care in a manner that places the highest value on human dignity in an environment which is professional, caring and welcoming.

Advocacy- We are an advocate for our patients, their families, and caregivers by maintaining open communication and respecting their privacy. We are always mindful that we do not treat just a disease, but a person whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability.

Dedication- We are dedicated to visionary leadership in medical innovation and treatment, being mindful of our commitment to the unique patients and communities we serve. We are dedicated to excellent clinical outcomes for all of our patients.

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